Takeo Railway Station

Front view

Takeo railway station had been known to many of the locals, but it remained a secret to me as an Urbex-er. No luck for me, as I did search for this station last year, so I gave up. Until yesterday, I’ve finally found it.

Upon I entered the station, I had observed that the main terminal was empty and cleaned, and also doubted if many of these rooms were occupied and had been used as storage by those whom living in that building. There were few families living in that area or inside the building. The interesting part of the finding, is the well preserved ticket counters, the wood frame and metal bars still there. There were only 2 ticket counters, so I assumed this was not really a busy station back in the past. People might passing by just to transit from Phnom Penh to get to Kampot province as their final destination. And there were pile of railroad logs and broken tracks everywhere.


More photos via gallery below: