After a few years of idling

Here’s what i’ve been up to :D

I’ve been given up on carrying heavy photography gears for more than 3 years now, despite i still continue my photography journey with tiny smartphones. It’s been indeed great past years with these surprisingly fantastic quality phone cameras, and i love its flexibility and having nearly full control over its DSLR-like functions has made me even more into such small-but-great photography gear.

Here’s Logan, my baby boy whom i dedicated all these years for, and this is just the beginning of my new chapter, so expect to see a lot more photos of our tiny family and trips. Although i will also keep up with Urbex and the rest of the photography categories, hope to increase more traffic to my site, and update it frequently.

You may visit my portfolios hosted on different sites, such as Flickr, DeviantArt, 500px

Enjoy the gallery below: