Abandoned villas in Phnom Penh

My friend spotted this abandoned villas couple days ago, so we scheduled to come here after work hour in the evening.

Once we’re here, we asked permission from a guard over there for some snapshots of these abandoned buildings before it going to be demolished (renovation?). There were many rooms and doors just every 3-4 steps, pretty dark but we’ve managed to get in and up to the top for better view, it looked like this building left alone at least 4-5 years. Dead tree leaves and mirrors shattered were everywhere, I suspected it’s from those emptied windows and doors, so we were carefully walked from hall to hall. This time I also got to do light painting and stuff, you may see the gallery below for that shot.

Some workers were there, moving stuff back and forth, up and down, and didn’t even pay any attention to our existence at all, even they saw us, kinda funny though. While we’re passing from place to place, I felt some locations looked like the scenes from horror movies, so we’ve to called out each other if we’re on different locations, such and such. Overall it’s truly amazing experience.

More gallery below: