Olympic Stadium at Night

It’s been a long time since the last time I came here for photoshoot, could be nearly 2 years i guessed.

Recently I’ve been hearing an unpleasant news about this amazing Khmer architecture, but not sure if it was real, in order to response to the news and make sure I have archive of it, I have decided to go there to photograph the building in the evening and hope for better blue sky. The weather was nice, windy and cool at that evening, I had to wait until sky went a little darker and most people who were doing sport exercise in the area left.

I went from angle to angle, and took long time for inspection and admired the architecture than I was here many times before. I was so amazed and felt very proud when witnessed such wonderful detail of the structure, which were carefully designed and built by Khmer engineers.

Snap, snap…snap, without anything to distracted me, the time went as fast as the sky went dark, So I had to stop and hopefully can go back another time for more better shots.


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