Angkor Meanchey Appartments (1960s)

This building located on the corner of Monivong blvd. and Kampuchea Krom street, which built in the 1960s. There used to be a huge advertising board blocked at the front of this old building, it made me puzzled for not knowing what happened, why they decided to remove this large blockage board. But happy to have the whole building exposed once again.

My friend, he guided one Japanese journalist around the remained community in Boeung Kak slum area this morning, he was asking me if I was interested in climbing up the building for photographing the penthouses slum, so I agreed and we all went up there with four people including one Japanese journalist and a translator.

It’s pretty dark in this building, my friend told me that he used to encountered a group of local gangsters using drug on the hallway during his first time here. I was so thrilled that time, not because I worry of this kind of thing, but I was shocked in seeing the condition of life in this up-the-sky slum. I’ve seen water leakage and garbage all over the places, poor housing and lack of hygiene, many faces could be the ladies who working for the night entertainment industries, and many new born children playing around in unclean playground.

I’ve captured many good photos, very very real photos that shows the dark side of Phnom Penh.

See gallery below for more photos:

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