Survived Carmelite Chapel (1919)

Last month I’ve posted a bunch of photos related to this church located in Chroy Changvar area, which is now functioned as orphanage center.

I’ve done some research once again this morning, and finally found the root of history of it, its original name was “Carmelite Chapel”, and it was built and inaugurated in 1919. It survived during our bitter Khmer Rough regime, and stood proudly still and now provided as a sanctuary to the students who came from all over the places within Cambodia.

This is a very first time we’ve entered this church, we were very surprised by the look of this building, almost everything in pretty good shape. It was Khmer New Year the 3rd day, luckily, we had one of the students who had the key was there to let us inside, and told us more or less of what he knew about the building history. And then we’ve scouting the area for more photos and discovery, as I have never been to such place before, it really pleased my eyes of how the structured remained in good shape, even though there were some renovation had been done.

Enjoy more gallery from that trip below: