Photoshoot for a reason

It was a harsh day on Saturday afternoon, and it’s 2:10pm now, we’re running late for the photoshooting session scheduled at 1:30pm.

We’ve finally met up at the Phnom Penh-Koh Dach ferry, what we had in mind about the shooting locations were ‘an abandon colonial building, farm and beach’, then we have picked the abandon colonial building as the first place we could go for shooting. I was driving my car with Sandy, while my dude and his relatives were with his friend on another car, I led the trip, it was a hot day but there were some sudden rain along the way. I’ve finally reached the location where it was totally muddy and dirt road, i started to drive in, as other car stopped and watching at my back…too bad I was sucked in the middle of the road, cannot move anywhere easily, so i decided to make a slow but forcefully move my car back, lucky enough that I had some skill for this type of road. And I’ve got out, we were then decided not to go further, but returned back the same way we’ve just passed, up to Koh Okhna Tey instead.

We’ve reached the location, I and my friend Chea Phal were scouting the area for the best shot, and we did found a bunch. So everybody went back to the cars and bringing all the equipment over to the photoshooting spot. I took so many photos, like I said from the previous post, it’s ‘Strobist’ ¬†photography that I wanted to achieve. And here we are, ‘trials and errors’, as we’re ready to move forward to some points or reasons.

I was so exhausted, but everything I did and the surrounding kept me going, and I did it, we’ve finally got back on the cars and took the ferry at almost 7pm this evening.

Some of these shots were not related to what we’re doing, but it’s what encouraged me all the way, during the relaxing time, I went over to the nearby place where children were playing in the river, and left alone their horses washing by themselves :))

Enjoy the gallery below: