Abandonned Villas in Kep (Villa #4)

Vine grew on the staircase

Needless to say about Kep, again and again, It’s always been my preferred location for such activities.

This time I came with my family and friends, but I still managed to take some time to explore for more abandoned buildings to put into my UrbEx collection. I had to drive my car alone, while having my family relax and enjoy the ocean view at one of the kiosks in front of the former royal residence. As I was driving, I spotted a row of buildings, so I stopped my car just for a quick walk around and taking snapshots. There were two houses that built next to each other with the same design, and another one looked like a motel or some sort.

Two of the houses each had very large underground water reservoirs about 3 meters deep, while one of them also had additional water well about 10 meters deep with 1.5m diameter at the front yard. These houses were built facing northwest to the Kep national park, which totally opposite the ocean but it was on higher ground.


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