Post-independence architecture in Meanchey district

Me and my friends were on a fishing trip off to Meanchey district. We went there many times, but never notice such beautiful building along that road. It was not a good day for fishing, it’s a very hot day, no fish caught.

While driving back, I spotted a nice building on the right, it was abandoned. So I stopped the car and went in for some snapshots. Some people nearby were very curious about me with my big DSLR camera. After about 10-20 shots, I walked to them, the elders told me that this building was built right after Cambodia won the independence from France. Sadly the building were left alone and no one took care of it for sometimes now.

I wish such buildings could be well taken care of, and proudly stood for the next generations to see, and also to be preserved as a walk of history of Cambodia. The only thing that I could do now was to documented them with these photos, and if I am lucky enough to own one of these old architectures from those glorious past.

More photos via gallery below: