Borey 100 Khnong (100-houses Project by Vann Molyvann)

Today we went to explore the Phnom Penh’s most ambitious project by Vann Molyvann back in the Sangkum Reastr Niyum, it’s one of the biggest projects designed by him, which’s called 100-houses or Borey 100 Khnong in Khmer.

There were many houses occupied, but only less than ten were abandoned. So far, after scouting the area, we’ve decided to visit two houses. the first house that we’ve entered was burnt, and another one still in good condition. My very first impression about these buildings was its unique style, to me I have never seen such design elsewhere in Cambodia. One special thing about this design was about the ‘air’, as it’s the key to a healthy living, many windows were replaced by the door frames, except they’ve added barriers so it made no confusion between door  and window at all.

By making a quick judgment, I’ve found this was a very simple and clever design, I could still feel the air even all the doors and windows were closed, the wooden floor kept the house warm in hot season, and provide suitable temperature to the people who living inside.

More photos via gallery below: