Royal Residence in Bokor (Domnak Sla Khmao)

This ‘Domnak Sla Khmao’ was the very first among other royal residences that you’ll encountered when driving up Bokor National Park. There were heavy and massive development projects up on top of the hills going on, there were many newly erected buildings were constructed, while some other were the old colonial buildings which had been renovated to become new establishments. Not to mention the newly road were constructed, that made the driving absolutely smooth and fun.

This residence were in pretty good shape, just only some parts or windows and doors were missing, while surprisingly the rest still in better form. I went inside with my camera, and took many snapshots, while I met a lady worker on the doorway, as I’ve asked her about the building, and she seemed to knew this building pretty well.

There was a giant holy statue of ‘Lok Yeay Mao’ nearby, many Khmer people that went across the hill, they always stopped the vehicles and came up to offer flowers and some foods to Lok Yeay Mao and praying for their safe journey ahead or return back to their home.

More photos via gallery below: