Breathin’ the countryside air

It’s been awhile now, since I haven’t update my site frequently or lazy to. Thus I didn’t go out and for photo walk as much as before due to my workload and such.

These photos were from my very last trip in the early this month to Mkak village, Kandal province, my parents’ hometown. ┬áIt was very best and satisfied trip ever since I’ve been there many many times. Even though one thing wasn’t go as expected, it’s was the weather, I should have trusted the weather forecast from WeatherUnderground prior the day I went there.

I wanted to spend the night over there, shooting startrail was one of my main reason, while I wanted to get away from the city and enjoy time with my Sandy.

Overall the weather was nice, countryside breeze, warm and cozy, but it was cloudy, and that prevented me from shooting startrail at night. So I had to head back home in that late afternoon after awesome and delicious dinner at about 7:30pm.

Enjoy more photos via gallery below: