White Building slum (aka Building)

While entered this building, I sort of asking myself “Am I a documentary photographer or something?”, and it’s the question that never have the answer, or maybe it was just my pure hobby from time to time in photography subject oriented. I remembered when I’ve got my first DSLR camera, I was so fascinated with Macro and Landscape, and now Urban Exploration and Portrait etc. I realized that I have spent lots of money and never earn a single cent from it.

Now back to the topic about this White Building slum. Since this was not so new to anyone who live in Phnom Penh, I haven’t focused very much on building itself, the photos I’ve uploaded here were mostly about their daily life and activities. Believe it or not, you’ll encountered many children in every slums that you’ve been to. Not so surprised that many street photos taken in slum areas were about kids and gambling activities.

A little description of the photo above, when we’re walking at the corridor to entrance, little girl were sneaking in and out, and curiously looked at us. I did a couple of snapshots, and I was so surprised that her head shape become very round, looked like a ball or something :)

More photos via gallery below: