An abandon of Department of Cinema, MoCFA

Talking about Urban Exploration, this thing always made me thrilled and fascinated in so many ways, but there’s also one problem and kept bothered me every single time. ‘hesitation’ ruled it all, whenever I’ve entered an abandon or seeing one, what’s came up to my head was ‘go in or not?’. Luckily I had my dude ‘Phal’ always on the front line. This guy will infiltrate anywhere and do what he supposed to do without any hesitation at all, I admitted that most of the info about those old building was from him, a great Urbex partner indeed.

Well, this time is about one of the abandon building part of the Department of Cinema (MoCFA), not sure about what was the purpose of this building served as. The architectural design was awesome, we didn’t have a chance to go up on the 2nd floor, as you may seen from the photos, the staircase was broken and again we didn’t have much time for that. So we have scheduled to come back to this building once again but next time will be at blue hour (evening), then we can do light painting during the dark, hopefully we can get back some stunning shots, i meant ‘hopefully’ :)

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