Ruined Kro Pom Pich Pagoda

Location: Koh Dach, Cambodia
Date: 20-Feb-12

PS: The source said, Kro Pom Pich Pagoda is up to now 92 years old. In Pol Pot regime, this pagoda turned wood processing site and was severely destroyed, remaining only one old Pali school. After 7th January 1979, this pagoda was reopened in 1990 on the land area of 2 hectares, 43 acres and 75 m and other achievements have also been accomplished such as 1 monastery, 1 gathering hall, 2 Buddhist wooden houses, 400 m of concrete road inside pagoda campus. (via: http://​​news-koh-dach-to-receive-on​e-concrete-road-from-capit​al-hall-836.html)