Farmer Watering Flower Plants

Location: Bos Angkanh, Phnom Penh
Date: 09-Mar-2012

PS: in the purpose of photographing flowers fields and sunset, coincidentally i met this elder farmer, i went to him and asked for some snapshots, and he smiled and agreed. so i sat down and photographing him watering the plant rows. surprisingly he’s fast and full of energy, my shoes were soaked with water as i was too close to those row of plants, i did many shots and frequently moved backward to get some good angle of him, as two rows were watered every time he came back. thankfully to many chance and tries i had to get the correct exposure of sky and foreground. and i did thank him for giving me permission for those snapshots.

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  • Lionel Delplanque

    Dear Lord Robin, I love your work ! Your pictures are great…

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